16. August 2019
In diesem Artikel addressiere ich das Argument: "Man kann nicht sagen, dass der Sozialismus schlimmer ist als der Kapitalismus. Kapitalistische Länder führen auch ständig Kriege um Ressourcen. Ausserdem führt der Kapitalismus zum Verhungern von Tausenden und die Pharmafirmen blockieren das Erforschen von neuen Medikamenten. Wenn man so alle Todesopfer des Kapitalismus zusammenzählt, kann man nicht so einfach sagen, dass der Sozialismus mehr Menschenleben gekostet hat als der Kapitalismus."

25. July 2019
CVP Nationalrat Claude Béglé twitterte in seinen Ferien in Nord Korea über die guten Seiten des Sozialismus. Da fehlen einem die Worte!

11. July 2019
Thanks to many dishonest TV shows and YouTube channes, there are a lot of misconceptions about survival floating around. In this article I attempt to cut through the fog and explain what survival is and what it isn't.

02. July 2019
Illusions are a very prevalent drug in our society. In this article I want to present my thoughts on how illusions can be a kind of drug and what that might mean for you and your own life.

12. March 2019
Ethics can be defined as a set of rules that regulate the interaction between individuals in such a way that society remains stable.

13. January 2019
It is already a long time ago that Austrian economists have started to research the characteristics of good money. They came up with three key characteristics: Limited supply, durability, and divisibility. In this essay, I will try to expand on this theory and present my own thoughts on what constitutes good money.

15. April 2018
In this essay we will discuss the influence of feminism on the structure of society from a libertarian / principled point of view. We will briefly summarize the history of feminism, which is roughly divided into four waves. We will also take a look at the principles that libertarians believe should govern our behavior and our society.