How To Create a Cold Storage for your ARRR (on Windows)

How to bury your treasure well - A step by step manual by Amos Zweig




Download from
Check SHA-256 Hash
Download pirate ocean from
No Hash to check :(
Run pirate-qt-win and sync with the block chain
Download veracrypt
Verify PGP with gpg4win
Install QR scanner:
• Open Start
• Type store
• Click Store
• Search qr scanner
• Download one (n Barcode Reader worked for me)
Download a pdf reader
Put onto a USB stick:
• pirate ocean
• veracrypt
• pdf reader

Make sure you have the secret key of your address where you currently store your Pirates at hand. You can get it from: pirate ocean, help, debug window, console, type: z_exportkey “my-old-storage-address”
Paste it into a txt file on the USB stick
If you currently have all your ARRR on a hot PC, this step is not necessary


Take an old PC. Physically remove the WLAN card, Bluetooth card, glue shut the ethernet cable port and docking station. This PC will never touch the internet again!
Test if you can still reach the internet / build a Bluetooth connection to another device. If you can you’re not done yet.
Wipe / Factory Reset, or install new operating system from USB
Plug in USB, copy and install all 4 files
Remove the USB drive
From now on, no USB drive that touched this PC shall ever touch any HOT PC again! This ensures that the air gap is secure, even for USB firmware-malware, like stuxnet, etc. your private keys cannot get out of this PC! (this also holds for the encrypted USB sticks we will create in the last step. Never plug them into any HOT PC.)
Generate paper wallet
• Go to piratepaperwallet folder
• Click into folder path, type cmd, hit enter
• Type piratepaperwallet.exe -z 1 --format pdf COLD_STORAGE.pdf   (this creates a new cold storage file with one address in it)
Open pirate ocean (pirate-qt-win)
Check if you can import the private key into pirate ocean.
• Copy your new private key into notepad. Remove all the line breaks, else it won’t work
• In pirate ocean, go to: help, debug window, console
• Type: z_importkey “your-new-secret-key”
• Close console, close txt file (don’t save it)
• In pirate ocean, go to: file, receiving z-addresses, check that your new address is there (!) they are ordered alphabetically
• If you don’t see it, close and restart pirate ocean
Open COLD_STORAGE.pdf so that only the first QR code is visible on the screen


Transfer the funds


Scan the QR code (address) off the screen of the COLD PC, paste it into a txt file, remove any line breaks
Check that it is correct !!!

If you do not have your ARRR on the HOT PC already, open pirate ocean, open console, and type:
z_importkey “my-old-storage-secret-key”
This will rescan the entire blockchain for your funds, which will take a while. If you know at which blockheight you roughly got your ARRR onto this address, type instead:
z_importkey [my-old-storage-secret-key] yes [estimated block height – 10000]

send all your ARRR to your verified new cold storage address. Now your ARRR are safe.
Read current block height (you can see it by hovering with the mouse over the little tick in the lower right corner of the pirate ocean window)

Backup the pdf file

Do not skip this step!!!



Add current block height to COLD_STORAGE.pdf
For example: rename COLD_STORAGE.pdf to COLD_STORAGE_770000.pdf if the current block height was 770234. Subtract down to the next 1000

Create a strong password using some form of
Write it onto 2 pieces of paper, hide one in your own home, hide the other in your parents’ home or somewhere similar.
Never use this password anywhere else, never enter it into any electronic device, practice to memorize it regularly
Insert a fresh USB stick into the COLD PC.
Create an encrypted Volume on it using veracrypt and your strong password.
Paste your COLD_STORAGE_770000.pdf into the encrypted volume
Create 3 more identical USB sticks, hide 2 in your own home and 2 in your parent’s home or similar.


ARRRight! That’s it, you’re done!  If I helped you bury your treasure well, be a good mate, and buy me a beer!



How To Spend your ARRR from Cold Storage


Create a new COLD_STORAGE.pdf file (piratepaperwallet.exe -z 1 --format pdf COLD_STORAGE.pdf)
Check if you can import the private key into pirate ocean (see above)
Open COLD_STORAGE.pdf such that only the address QR code is visible


Scan the QR code, paste address into txt file, verify that it’s correct!!!

Cold PC

Open the old cold storage file, e.g. COLD_STORAGE_770000.pdf, such that the QR code of the secret key is visible.


Scan it, paste it into txt file.
In pirate ocean: open console, type: z_importkey [old-secret-key] yes [old block height, e.g. 770000]
Send whatever you want to keep to the new cold storage address
Spend the rest

cold PC

Save the new cold storage file (e.g. COLD_STORAGE_801000.pdf) to all 4 encrypted USB sticks!


Dont forget the beer!


Useful reading to understand cold storage: